Paul Walton is the third-generation of his family to run Wurrook Merino Stud. Located near Rokewood, about 60 kilometres north-west of Geelong, Wurrook is one of Victoria’s largest and oldest Merino studs. Filmed and produced for R.M Williams OUTBACK – Stations 2018.

New South Wales grazier Annabel Walsh has nurtured native perennial pastures to reinvigorate Moorna Station, on the banks of the Murray River, 30 kilometres west of Wentworth. “The plants have been my teachers,” says Annabel. “They taught me how important adaption is to the boom and bust environment that we have in Australia; and that has been one hell of a lesson.” Filmed and produced for R.M Williams OUTBACK – Great Australians 2015.

Adventurer and founder of Australian Desert Expeditions, Andrew Harper has found solace and knowledge in Australia’s deserts. For more than 20 years Andrew has spent his winters walking the vast Australian inland, amassing more than 18,000 kilometres across all nine of the country’s major deserts. Filmed and produced for R.M Williams OUTBACK – Great Australians 2017.

Delivering specialist medical services to people in the bush has become a passion and obsession for Australia cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes. Since founding the Heart of Australia project in October 2014, Rolf and his team of specialists have seen almost 4,000 patients, covering close to 100,000 kilometres each year across outback Queensland. Filmed and produced for R.M Williams OUTBACK – Great Australians 2017.

The open road is a way of life for fourth-generation Australian drover Terry Hall. He’s also a living legend of Australian campdrafting, being the only rider to have won the Triple Crown of the Warwick Gold Cup, the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock and the Canning Downs Draft. He’s also been named the Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association’s open campdraft rider of the year four times. Filmed and produced for R.M Williams OUTBACK – Great Australians 2017.

Manager of Wrotham Park Station from 2009 to 2014, Jock Warriner talks about life on one of Australia’s iconic cattle stations. Wrotham Park covers 1.5 million-acres (608,000ha) and is located 285 kilometres west of Cairns, Queensland.